Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush and Rumsfeld

Listened to Bush's press conference this afternoon. My favorite part of the president's speech was this:

The election has changed many things in Washington, but it has not changed my fundamental responsibility, and that is to protect the American people from attack.

As the commander in chief, I take these responsibilities seriously. And so does the man who served this nation honorably for almost six years as our Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Now, after a series of thoughtful conversations, Secretary Rumsfeld and I agreed that the timing is right for new leadership at the Pentagon.

Our military has experienced an enormous amount of change and reform during the last five years while fighting the war on terror; one of the most consequential wars in our nation's history.

Don Rumsfeld has been a superb leader during a time of change. Yet he also appreciates the value of bringing in a fresh perspective during a critical period in this war.

Don Rumsfeld's a patriot who's served our country with honor and distinction. He is a trusted adviser and a friend, and I'm deeply grateful to his service to our country.

As I heard these words I thought, "Did Rumsfeld jump or was he pushed?"
I also thought it was a strange way to announce that Rumsfeld was no longer Secretary of Defense. Bush sounded just like a murderer describing how he had killed his victim, "The next thing I knew, the gun fired and "Don" was lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his chest."

Nope, Bush had nothing at all to do with Rumfeld's resignation, it just happened.

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