Thursday, September 20, 2007

Odds And Ends Day

Today it got up to 94F/33.4C with a hot, dry, wind blowing. Strange because, although it felt like summer, the sunlight was wrong. It is no longer strong, bright, and directly overhead. Now it looks weak and somehow dimmer angling out of the sky at more of a slant than before. The kind of day that lets you know that Winter is not that far away. The kind of day that makes you scurry around doing all the little jobs you let slide until now because you knew you would get to them at some point since you had all the time in the world. The kind of day that whispers, "Hurry, hurry."

Today I vacuumed the carpets; scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors; tore old towels, t-shirts, sweats, and dress shirts into useful size rags; took the trampoline that I no longer use because it hurts my knees to the thrift store; went grocery shopping; put on shooting muffs and shredded credit card receipts; pulled dead sunflower plants out of the ground; and sewed the missing buttons back on a sweater like I have been meaning to do for what seems like forever.

Winter's coming, people.

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