Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Into The Wild

Heading home today so only a short post this morning.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Denver so I had the front door open here at my sister's house. Late yesterday afternoon her three dogs were laying in front of said open door enjoying the fact that they could watch what was going on out on the street. All of a sudden they jumped up and started barking furiously at something outside. Thinking it was the neighbor's dog running around as he is sometimes allowed to do I went to the door to quiet my sister's dogs. When I looked out the door I was delighted to see a small red fox standing in the yard about twenty feet away. He was not fazed by the dogs but when he saw me he startled, turned, and gracefully jumped to the sidewalk and then to the street. I watched him trot down the middle of the street until he disappeared behind the neighbor's car.

Foxes are not an uncommon sight in my sister's neighborhood since she is not that far from the High Line Canal. What most people do not know is that there are foxes all over the city of Denver. A family friend who lived near Eighth Avenue and Jersey Street (considered downtown these days) had a family of foxes living in the shrubbery next to her garden shed one Spring and Summer a few years ago. Wild animals are living side by side with the human citizens of this city. Most people here are not even aware of them. It's a secret world that we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of every once in awhile.

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