Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home Is The Hunter

-A.E. Housman

And a successful hunter at that. Dogs need a job and depending on the breed that job can be pulling sleds, herding sheep and cattle, racing, or hunting for a variety of things. Duke's job is hunting birds and sometimes that can be a little rough on the body. Duke just got back from hunting in this photo and is still dressed in his hunting gear. He is wearing a orange beeper collar (which lets my husband know were he is in heavy brush), an orange chest protector (because he is a hard charging little guy), and dog booties (to protect his paws from goat heads and other types of stickers and burrs). Under the dog booties his paws are wrapped in vet tape and then the tops of the booties are wrapped with duct tape to keep stickers and other debris from getting inside the booties.

As you can also see, Duke is showing my husband that the pheasant really belongs to him.

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