Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poopy Weather

One of the things I do not like about winter is picking up dog poop. I'm not too fond of it in any other season but doing it in the winter is the worst. This winter picking up dog poop has been more unpleasant than usual. With three big snowstorms hitting us one right after another added to the wind and the freezing temperatures I have not been able to go out and do poop scoops as often as I normally do. Any time there is snow on the ground dog poo removal is a little tricky.

First, a dog's normal body temperature is anywhere between 100.5F/38C to 102.5F/39.2C which means when he or she has defecated into snow that poop sinks into said snow almost as soon as it hits. If you are not right there to pick it up (which I never am since I am not going to follow my dogs around waiting for them to do their business) it freezes into the surrounding snow. Later when you try to pick it up you have to use the pooper scooper like an ax and chip around the frozen poopcicle.

Second, sometimes poop is covered by another snowstorm which means you don't find it until that snow starts melting. When that snow is melting the poopcicle is also thawing and absorbing the water produced by the melting snow. This you must not and cannot pick up. I would explain why but I think you have a good enough imagination to figure it out yourselves. Let's just say it's not a pretty sight.

Third, some of the melting snow hides poop that will not be exposed but will be encased in ice once the snow freezes again. This poop you will not see again until the spring ice melt- especially if it is on the north side of the house.

Finally, there is the poop under the snow that has slid off the roof and slammed into the ground in a compact mound. That poop is also out of sight until the spring thaw if it's buried under north-side-of-the-house snow.

Yesterday after three days of warm temperature and brisk winds I went out on poop patrol. The brisk winds were important since they help remove moisture and firm up the poop. I concentrated on the areas of the yard with no snow cover. That mission was a success. This morning, after a night with the temperature down to 15F/ -9.4C, I did another sweep and picked up all the poop that was in but not of the snow. After waiting so long to get this done I felt a great sense of accomplishment as I scooped up the last lump of poop.

I have got to get a real life.

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