Friday, February 08, 2008

Comma Ti Yi Yi Yeah

-lyric from the song Cow Cow Boogie

In an effort to get away from all the violence that has happened this week I have been spending my time watching Soundies online. Soundies were the first music videos. Most of them online are dreck but every once in awhile there would be something good or surprising or strange- sometimes all three at the same time. I want to share three of the Soundies I watched today. They are all performances of the song Cow Cow Boogie.

First, a heartbreakingly young Dorothy Dandridge.

Next, a very young Ella Mae Morse, who had a hit with this song in 1942. She was seventeen when she first recorded the song and maybe eighteen when she made this Soundie.

And finally, Cow Cow Boogie sung by (what else?) cows.

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