Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Get The Blues Most Every Night

I just started reading a book I picked up in Denver before Christmas last night called The Journey From The Center To The Page: Yoga Philosophies And Practices As Muse For Authentic Writing. On the back cover is a list of the ways in which the book is supposed to help, including the following:
-Reconnect with your deeper intention for writing
-Sustain concentration and confidence when writing
-Make time to write what matters most to you

That third one really got my attention. I have a project that I started last year and which I had not finished, I hadn't even been working on it, so I thought maybe this book could help me. Besides it was used and inexpensive, what could I lose? I then I put it on my bookshelf and forgot about it until last night.

At first I had to force myself to read past the first chapter and into the second. It was almost as bad as reading a chemistry textbook but I kept on plowing through until I got to this, A writing practice, like any practice, requires self-discipline....Without self-discipline, we only make half the journey, if that far. That got my attention.The book went on to describe the two types of writers who do not have self discipline, Time Crunchers and Time Stretchers. Time Crunchers have no time to to write while Time Stretchers have too much time:

These few writers and aspiring writers, who either by wealth or by wit succeed in leading a simple life, are privileged to wake up when they wish, write when they wish, and sleep when the wish (with some regular exceptions, of course). On the other hand, these same writer, who avoid penciling in their activities like monks bowing on the hour to the bells on Wall Street, and who have time to write, may be the more frustrated as deciding what to do with themselves and their days.

That certainly describes me. My days are not planned and can get nudged off track very easily. I start the day with the best of intentions and before I know it the day is over and I have not done half the things I planned. Each week I do in one day all the things I had planned to do that week in a frenzy of intense activity. Each night I go to bed mentally and emotionally exhausted by what I have not accomplished. Realizing this depressed the hell out of me and I put the book down and tried to go to sleep.

This morning when I went online to check the websites I read I stopped at one that I don't visit that often and read my horoscope:
February 12, 2008
Creating Something Better
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You may feel worried and have a tendency to expect the worst today. This mood could have you viewing the glass as half empty rather than half filled, which will only increase your anxiety. You can easily turn this mind-set around by using the power of positive focus. Every time a negative thought comes into your mind today, simply choose to consciously turn it around to be positive, empowering, and faith-filled. This can be challenging to do at the beginning, especially if your existing circumstances don’t reflect the reality of the positive thoughts you are trying to embrace. But your willingness to stay positive in spite of everything else will begin to attract more positive energy into your life and improve your circumstances, rather than keeping you mired in the negative.

Choosing to keep a positive focus, even while in the midst of difficulties, helps to improve our mood and put the creative process into motion. When we feel stuck in unsatisfactory circumstances, our negative thoughts can easily take control of our mood and mind-set, which only attracts more negativity into our lives. By consciously choosing to turn our thoughts to a more positive place, we regain our inner power to direct our destiny. Not only does our positive focus help us feel lighter and more optimistic about our circumstances, but we also boost our vibrations and initiate the creative process to attract better circumstances for the future. Your willingness to stay positive in spite of your dissatisfaction today demonstrates to the universe your determination to create something better.

Sometimes I hate it when the universe talks to me. I've got to (as the old people say) study on this bit.

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