Friday, March 07, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Ever since we redid the bathroom I have been thinking about redoing the kitchen. The cabinets are in rough shape cosmetically, the counter top wore, and someone before us put up a dropped ceiling that is about eight feet above the floor. One day I climb up to see what was above this fake ceiling and found an extra two feet of space. I could not believe someone would put this up as it traps the heat from the stove well enough to raise the temperature in the kitchen at least twenty degrees at about face level. The main source of light in the kitchen consists of three old fashion fluorescent light bulbs hidden in one of the ceiling panels. I hate them because sometimes they make me feel slightly nauseated.

My first plan was to at least paint the cabinets white and get more light into the kitchen but I never got around to doing it. I am glad I didn't because the laminate is peeling off the fiberboard base now. That would have been wonderful under a layer of paint. My new plan is to entirely redo the kitchen- new cabinets, counter top, ceiling, and lights. The only stumbling block is my husband. He was resistant to redoing the bathroom because he could not visualize just what I wanted to do. He also could not see the reason why we needed to do it at all since everything was working fine just the way it was at that point. Once we were finished he changed his mind.

So, we were driving back to town after running the dogs two weeks ago when I finally decide to bring up what I was thinking.

Me: "I was thinking it would be better to replace the kitchen cabinets than to paint them."

Him: "I was thinking the same thing. We should also replace the counter top."

I almost fell out of the truck. Not only are we getting new cabinets and a counter top we are taking out that ugly ceiling and replacing the lighting. Of course if we are getting a new counter top we need a new sink and back splash. My husband just doesn't know it yet.

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