Tuesday, May 27, 2008

These Quick Turn-Arounds Are Exhausting

Home again after a long Memorial Day weekend. My sister had a Memorial Day party and Food Smack Down (Correction in the comments from my sister. It was a food Throw Down not a Smack Down). A food smack down is when two or more people bring the same homemade dish and everyone else votes on which one is the best. This is really fun when the majority of your guests are chefs or very good bakers or people who love to cook. We had three cheese cakes (different types) so tasty that the cheese cake smack down ended in a draw. My brother-in-law's oatmeal-pecan-butterscotch chip cookies won the cookie smack down and I won the chili smack down by default. The other contestant was overheard admitting that my chili was even better that his own chili. It was a fun weekend.

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