Monday, June 30, 2008

What's The Date?

I guess knowing the date of the month on its specific day is just not that important to me. If I really need to know what day of the month it is I can always ask someone. Now I'm not totally clueless all of the time, there are a few days during the year when I do not have to ask a single soul for the date. For example, December 24th and 25th- the Christmas shopping countdown keeps me informed on these two days. October 31st- no child in my neighborhood is going to let me forget this date. December 31st- every drunk in the world is going to wish me a Happy New Year on this date. March 17th- every drunk in the world is going to wish me a Happy St. Patrick's Day on this date. July 4th-every drunk in the country is going to be setting off fireworks on this date.

And then there is June 27th. June 27th, you question. Why would anyone remember June 27th? Because my friends, that is the day fireworks go on sale in our little town. From this date until July 5th fireworks can legally be set off inside the town limits.


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