Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MIA Today And Maybe Tomorrow

Last month we noticed our television was starting to malfunction with both picture and sound quality degenerating, which really should not have been a surprise to us after 12 years. Our replacement television is a HD monitor. Since we were also having problems with our satellite dish and receiver we replaced those too. And since it wasn't that much more we also upgraded our satellite system to HDTV. All of this was done because (1) HD monitors are finally cheap enough not to make you blurt out "Are they crazy?" at the price and (2) there are enough HDTV channels to make that extra expense worth it.

Let me tell you, all of this has made a huge difference in our viewing experience. First we did not realize how bad the sound had become on our old set until we got the new one. My husband has some hearing damage and he said the difference in the quality of sound was very noticeable. That I knew right from the beginning since he no longer had to turn the sound up as loud as he used to do. Second the picture quality improved quite a bit. Again we did not realize how bad it was until we got the new monitor.

Yesterday we had a "come to Jesus" moment when the HDTV satellite was installed. The sound and picture quality jumped another 5 or 6 levels. It was astounding. So astounding we spend most of last night and most of today just flipping though the HD channels. How clear is it? I watched a underwater nature show and it was not like watching TV but more like looking into a gigantic aquarium. I love it.

The bad news, I have adjusted to HD quality so quickly everything else looks smeared and blurry. This I can tell because all HD channels are being duplicated as digital quality channels and I can compare. Not even close people, not even close.

Oh God, I've turned into a HD junkie- scorning the low grade stuff. Those bastards!

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