Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry I'm Late

I would have been back yesterday if I had not had a migraine Sunday. I made the mistake of fighting it as to not go into a full blown attack which only caused it to bounce back yesterday. Feeling better today but still a bit shaky.

While I was gone a few things happened around here. First, the weather got better. When I left the temperature at bedtime was mostly in the low 90'sF/30'sC -last night the thermometer was reading 67F/19.4C when I put the dogs out for the last time and it dropped down to 60F/15.5C during the night.

Next, speaking of dogs, my dog Kate is feeling well enough to run up to me every so often with her tail wagging, her eyes sparkling, and a great big smile on her face that says, "Say, I have a great idea, let's get me some more food!"
The change is remarkable.

My time away also came at fair week and as usual my husband and I did our civic duty and volunteered to work a shift one night. And as usual the best part was the excitement shown by the kids. Fair week is a big deal around here and we were lucky enough to have it fall during cooler weather and just after a couple of big rainstorms. No eating dust at the demolition derby this year. Not that I went, it just make it easier breathing all though the fairgrounds when there is no dust being stirred up by a bunch of cars tearing around on the arena dirt.

Finally, there was another death in town last week. A nineteen year old boy killed himself with a shot gun. I did not know him personally but I do know his mother by sight. As if the death wasn't shocking enough word got around that the young man had left a note to his family saying that since they did not appreciate him while he was alive maybe they would now that he was dead. That poor mixed-up kid. As I have pointed out before suicide can sometime be the ultimate F-you.

Now, if that wasn't bad enough I found out that someone in town decided that he/she had a duty to tell this boy's mother that she (the mother) was responsible for his death. The cruelty and stupidity of some people is amazing to me. I'll bet you a hundred dollars that this person considers him or herself a good christian.

After reading what I wrote I see that I could have titled this post, The Bad, The Good, and The Ugly. The Ugly really bothers me but as Albert Einstein once said, "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.”

He got that right.

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