Thursday, August 14, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

It is kind of interesting how when you notice something once, you start seeing the thing you noticed everywhere. You know, like pregnant women if you or someone you know is pregnant of a certain make or color of car after you buy one yourself. This morning when I took Kate for a walk around the block I noticed my water meter out by the street:

(click on photos to enlarge)

On the cover are written the words: FORD METER BOX CO., WATER, METER, TYPE, X, WABASH INDIANA.

When I walked passed my neighbor's water meter I glanced down and saw:

On its cover are the words: UNITED FOUNDRY, WATER, METER, DENVER.

My curiosity was up and around the corner I find a water meter in the driveway of another neighbor and stop to look at it:

On its cover are written the words: MUELLER CO., WATER, METER, DECATUR ILLINOIS.

Now I start checking all the water meters covers I come across and find one more made in Denver, one more made in Decatur, and three more made in Wabash. I then see two larger ones in the middle of the street and go to look at them:

At first I am confused by the S but then I look at the other cover:

Ahh, WATER, of course, the S means sewer.

As I continue our walk I wonder just how many different types of manhole and water meter covers there are embedded in the streets, sidewalks, and front yards of town.

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