Friday, August 29, 2008

While Visions Of Dan Quayle Danced In Their Heads

Sara who?

Let me start out by telling you I was raised a Democrat while my husband was raised a Republican. Fourteen years ago we both turned our backs on our respective parties and re-registered unaffiliated. We had reached the point where we decided that both parties were just different sides of the same coin. Both groups seem to think that political party comes first and country second; we were sick of it.

This morning when it was anounced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was John McCain's pick for vice-president my husband, who is a mild-mannered man, blew-up, exclaming, "I am sick of all this political crap! Do they think we are that stupid and can't see that they only picked her because she is a woman?!"

Yes, yes they do.

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