Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Second Presidential Candidates Debate

Same old same old. I did not learn anything new last night about either candidate's positions on the issues but I did figure out why I am not going to vote for McCain/Palin.

Throughout the debate he kept using the phrase "my friend" and he used it so many times I got sick of hearing it. It was annoying because it was fake. He knows that the majority of American voters are not on the same social or financial plane as him and never will be so trying to insinuate that we are, well, its insulting. I don't want or need a president who thinks that being my friend is more important than being president any more than a child wants or needs a parent who thinks being their child's friend is more important than being their child's parent.

Which boils down to this- I really don't want another president who is not presidential representing this country. I want person who doesn't glad hand other world leaders and then slap them on the back like some used-car salesman. (I'm talking about you Mr. Bush.) I want someone with dignity.

In last night's debate Obama came across as more presidential to me than McCain. Obama was cool and McCain hot. By the end McCain seemed to be having some trouble keeping his temper under control. He did it but the strain of doing so showed. In these dangerous times I would rather have someone cool than hot guiding the ship of state.

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