Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

Kate's problem turned out to be a urinary infection and took a bit longer that expected to resolve itself. She was pretty miserable all weekend which means so was I. At one point I actually thought it might be better for us all if she died. I quickly realized that this thought came from stress and lack of sleep.

Today she felt well enough to walk to the post office with me. On the way home we had just started across the street at the intersection just to the south of our house when I heard the sound of a truck traveling fast. About a half-a-block away and to my right I saw a large pick-up moving in my direction. This didn't worry me since I was half-way across the street and knew he would stop when he got to the intersection.


When he got there he kept coming and then swerved to the opposite side of the street passing behind me. When I realized just what he was doing my heart clutched. I had Kate on a leash but she was walking behind me. When I looked back I saw the truck pass about a dog's body length away from Kate's tail. The driver did not even look at me as he went by.

The sad thing is this is not that unusual. I've had butt heads in trucks and cars take my right-of-way many times before when I'm walking or riding my bike around town. These drivers act as if the only reason I am in the street is to get in their way. They don't seem to understand that I have as much right to be in the street as they do. I tell you, I'm ready to start filling my pockets with rocks to use as ammunition the next time, and I know there will be many next times, this happens.

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