Friday, November 14, 2008


I was up and down all night with my older dog Kate. She wanted in and out and at around 12:30 PM threw-up. I got her outside in time and then spent the next 20 minutes slowing walking her around the house. At about 3:45 AM the sound of her pacing woke me up again and I took her back outside. We spent another 20 minutes walking around the house. At 6:00 AM she woke me up one more time and we did another 20 minute walk around. At this point I was just waiting for the vet clinic to open so I could take her in. I got there at 7:49 AM and the did an exam and some blood work. She was running a temperature and seemed to be dehydrated so the vet gave her antibiotics and an under the skin saline drip.

Both my husband and I were worried that her kidneys were shutting down so we drove her to the vet together; just in case we might not be bringing her home. When we got there my husband carried her into vet office since she could not stand on her own. When we left she walked out on her own four feet. On the drive home my husband said, "It is almost like Kate has nine lives."

If this is true then Kate has used up at least two of them at this point. Right now she is sleeping and hopefully she will feel well enough to eat when she wakes.

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