Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Is Pain...

Get Used To It.
-Geena Davis as Samantha Caine in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Some days I think, "She sure has got that right."

This has been one hectic week and I can not believe we've only made it to Tuesday.

Last Saturday I learned that a local woman had been killed in a car crash the day before. She was on her way home when she went through a stop sign where two highways cross and hit a truck or was hit by a truck carrying three oil company workers killing one of them.

Yesterday I worked alone in the library, which was the first time it had been open since 1:00 PM Christmas Eve, and spent a very busy day checking books in and out.

Last night Kate kept getting up and down and either pacing around the house or wanting to be be let outside. I was worried that this behavior was caused by her having a problem peeing or wanting to throw-up so three times during the night I followed her outside. All she did was wander around the yard and then scratch at the front door wanting to be let inside again.

This morning Kate seemed to be in pain and was running a fever so I took her to the vet in the afternoon. I was sure she had another urinary infection so I took a urine sample with me. The sample contained cancer cells. We have been told that without treatment Kate could live another four to six months although I am not that optimistic since she also has kidney problems and is showing signs of doggie dementia.

We are reacting better than I expected to this news and have decide to do what we can to make her remaining days, weeks, and maybe months, as stress and pain free as possible. We have decide that once her kidneys stop functioning or she gets to the point where she has no idea where she is or who we are, we will put her to sleep. Right now the dementia is more frightening than any of her other health problems.

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