Friday, December 26, 2008

Think Of All The Fun We'll Miss

Eartha Kitt always knew when to make an exit. The sultry singer of that great contemporary Christmas classic, Santa Baby, died yesterday at age eighty-one. I actually read the news of her death while listening to her singing Santa Baby on one of my Christmas CD's. Ms Kitt was know as a "sex kitten" throughout her career and in one bit of inspired casting played Catwoman on the campy Batman television series in the mid sixties. Ms Kitt was always an outspoken woman. To the detriment of her career she voiced her opinion that that the Vietnam War was a mistake, long before the majority of people thought the same thing. Later in life she was a spokesperson for UNICEF and advocate for homeless children. A classy lady. She will be missed.

Her New York Times obituary is here.

Three of her greatest songs below, click on the big button to listen to them.

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