Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. I had such a busy day did I did not have time to write. Instead I did laundry, made a pot of beef chili and a skillet of cornbread, did some house cleaning, watched them cut down the dead 30 foot tall tree in my next door neighbor's yard- the one we worried about every time there was a big wind storm, wrapped a birthday present that I ordered December 17th and which finally showed up yesterday, mailed said present, and syringed 10 cc's of doggie Gatorade down Kate's gullet every two hours.

That last task was the most frustrating. Kate can be the most stubborn dog in the world when it comes to making her do something she doesn't want to do. Since you cannot squirt 10 cc's of fluid into a dog mouth without most of it dripping out you have to inject less-about 2.5 cc's worth. Sounds easy, right? Squirt 2.5 cc's of liquid, wait for dog to swallow, squirt 2.5 cc's more after each swallow and be done in less than a minute. Wrong.

With Kate I had to hold her mouth shut after each squirt and then wait until she swallowed. Only she would not swallow. What I thought was going to be a simple job turned into a Canine Standoff. There I was, holding her her mouth shut, waiting for her to swallow the stuff. There she was, waiting for me to let go so she could spit it out. I won every time but it took about 3 minutes between squirts. That meant every two hours I spent 12 minutes waiting for her to swallow her Gatorade. What I found interesting about the whole thing was Kate's attitude. She would stubbornly refuse to swallow each time but after we were done, I was her best friend again.

People should try to be like that, you know? We would all be happier.

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