Monday, April 27, 2009

A Tale Of Two Dogs

A few days ago my sister called me while she was walking down a New York City street to tell me what had happened to her moments earlier. As she was walking she noticed a man with a dog walking toward her and realized, first, that the dog was a Britney and, second, that it looked exactly like my dog Kate. She smiled at him. Then the the strangest thing happened, first the dog smiled back, then the dog and my sister locked eyes and stared at each as the moved closer together. Their eyes stayed locked as they passed by each other and each turned his/her head to continue looking at one another. Then, at the same time, both stopped walking, each looking back at the other one. The dog's owner had observed the whole thing and told my sister that it was as if the dog knew her. My sister felt the same thing and knew she had to call me.

I thought I was getting over Kate's death since I had reached the point were I understood that putting her down was the loving thing to do. I do miss her but I thought I was done grieving for her until last night. I was reading Terry Irwin's book about her life with Steve Irwin and had reached the chapter where she writes about going to wake up her seventeen year old dog and then realizing that the old girl had died during the night. I started bawling like a baby. Grief is like that I suppose.

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