Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Small Step For A Man

We got back from a a few days in Denver on Sunday and I am still recovering. I find being around a large number of people exhausting and we were around lots of people last weekend. The main reason we went to Denver was to attend my nephew's college graduation from the University of Colorado up in Boulder. While we were there we helped move my niece out of her dorm. You can probably imagine the stressed out, hyped up energy all 6,000 kids were putting out as they tried to get everything they owned out of their rooms in one morning or afternoon (photos here.)

I've learned that 67% of CU-Boulder students make it to graduation, a bit under the the national average of 75%, and that the out of state students graduation rate is only 61 percent.* Add to that bit of information the fact that the program my nephew was in is one of the most difficult ones in the School of Engineering. He has shown a great deal of dedication, perseverance, and stamina and I am in awe of his achievement.

My heartfelt congratulations to you, Bill. I am so proud of you I just had to write about your accomplishment here. Well done.

* Facts here.

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