Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hay De Hay De Hay De Hay

The Old Man Of The Mountain (1933) was the last Cab Calloway-Betty Boop cartoon. Cab does all the character voices in this cartoon except for Betty Boop. Mae Questel does hers, of course. Cab also has his dancing rotoscoped again.

With a long, white beard and a crooked stare,
He tramps along with the folks all scared;
With a twinkle in his eye, he passes them by,
The Old Man of the Mountain!

Oh, he wears long hair and his feet are bare,
They say he's mad as a grizzly bear,
His cares are none and he fears no one,
The Old Man of the Mountain!

He talks with the bears when he's lonely,
He sleeps with the sky for a tent,
And he'll eat you up when he's hungry,
And it wouldn't cost him a red cent!

And he'll live as long as an old oak tree,
He'll eat up fools like you and me,
Oh, I often sigh and jump and cry
At the Old Man of the Mountain!

You got to ho-de-ho,
(You got to ho-de-ho)
You got to hi-de-hi,
(You got to hi-de-hi)
You got to he-de-he
To get along with me!
(Yeah, man! How do?)

You've gotta learn my song,
(I gotta learn your song)
If you do me wrong,
(I'm gonna do you wrong)
You gotta kick the gong
To get along with me!

You got to hi-de-hi,
(You got to hi-de-hi)
You got to he-de-he-de
(You got to he-de-he-de)
You gotta hay-de-hay-de-hay
To get along with hey!



When your sweetie tells you, everything will be okay,
Just...(scat singing)

If you feel like shoutin', advertise it
Just this way...(scat singing)

I don't know which is more disturbing in this cartoon, the use of bunny rabbits as roller skates or those babies with the beards and the old man faces. Maybe I should go kick the gong around awhile to get those images out of my mind.

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