Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Good News Day

I started the day reading the papers as I usually do each morning and was happy to find a few articles that made me feel good.

First, they are stripping the old varnish off the murals at Rockefeller Plaza. As the varnish aged it turned yellow hiding the murals true colors. When they are finished the murals will look as they did when the project was done in the nineteen thirties. Article here. Slide show of work being done here.

Next, a bear in the Adirondacks may be smarter than the average bear or human. Read about her here.

Finally, a film from the 1970's showing a lion born in London and raised as a pet being reunited with its former owners in Kenya. The lion had be released back into the wild after the owners realized that this was the best thing for him. See film and read article here.

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