Friday, September 25, 2009

Puppy Update

No new photos yet but we did talk to the dog breeder yesterday. The plan was to have our girl shipped by aircraft (she is in Montana) but the owner's son-in-law will be driving to Denver for the Broncos game on the weekend of October the tenth (my husband's birthday) and will bring the dog with him. My husband will drive to Denver to pick her up that day and considers all this a nice birthday present. I like the new plan because that means little what's her name will be with her mother a week longer. As for little what's her name's new name- we are down to three choices and will pick one after we see her.

I want to thank you all again for your input on what to call little what's her name. What you did not know is that not only were you suggesting a new name for our puppy, you were helping me to pick her new blog name. I used Kate and Emma's real names on this site but decide that since my husband puts his name and phone number on our dog's collars but not their names it probably was a good idea to use pseudonyms here. This means Duke's real name is not Duke but I'm sure you figured that out for yourself. drD suggested the name Duchess to go with the name Duke and that was a strong contender for her blog name but...
I just can not let go of Little Sally Pumpkinhead.

So, after much consideration the new puppy will be known as Little Sally Pumpkinhead here at Santiago Dreaming. I promise she will never be referred to as LSP since Little Sally Pumkinhead is so much fun to write. Heck, it is almost as much fun to write as it is to say it out loud, "Little Sally Pumpkinhead."

"Little Sally Pumpkinhead."

"Little Sally Pumpkinhead."

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