Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snake Bit

We were running the dogs at the cemetery last night when Duke trotted up to us looking embarrassed. He must have put his nose into a rabbit hole that contained a rattlesnake because he also had a puncture wound and a bloody scrap on his snout. By the time we got him back to the truck he was in pain. When my husband got him to the vet clinic they gave him a shot of morphine and some antibiotics. They also put him on a saline drip . He spent the night there and this morning they will call and let us know when to pick him up.

The vet told my husband that Duke being bit on the snout, along with being bit before and having had the rattlesnake vaccine administered, would actually be helpful to him. For some reason getting bit on the nose is less dangerous than getting bit anywhere else on a dog's body. He also told my husband that he has been treating a lot of cattle and calves who have been bit on the snout by snakes since the weather got warmer.* The warmer weather has caused the snakes to wake up and they do not like to be awakened once they begin hibernating. They wake up angry and this anger makes them lash out at anything or anyone who comes near them. Until the weather get cold again our evening walks will be restricted to the town streets.

Poor Duke. I hate that this has happened.

Update (10:09 AM):
We heard from the vet clinic and they say Duke is doing well. He will be staying with them for another night since their policy is to keep animals who have been bitten by snakes for at least 24 hours. His snout is still very swollen but he is resting comfortably.

Update (6:40 PM):
Talked to the doctor again and he said Duke ate some food and the swelling of his snout has gone down. He has dropped his pain meds and stopped the IV fluids. We will bring him home tomorrow afternoon.

*It was in the high 80's (F)/ 20's(C) on Sunday.

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