Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Word for the week: Tired. A puppy changes everything.

At home this week- Little Sally Pumpkinhead is sleeping through the night, has grown a bit, and is getting along with Duke. Correction, Duke no longer thinks she is a pain and allows her to get near him for short periods of time.

At the library this week- We finished cataloging juvenile nonfiction and have started on easy juvenile fiction. Things are moving faster than we expected but it is still tedious work.

At the dentist this week- I spent over two hours getting stage two of my new bridge work completed. Right now I have temporary teeth in my mouth that are a couple of steps above the edible wax teeth I used to get as a child. I am so looking forward to the end of this process.

At my blog today- More photos of Little Sally Pumpkinhead.

Sleepy baby 1

Sleepy baby 2

In the Slammer. Crime: Peeing on kitchen floor twice and on the living room carpet once.

Where Duke likes Little Sally Pumpkinhead to be. He was outside with her most of the day yesterday and could not nap because he wasn't sure just when she was going to jump on him. With her safely behind bars he can sleep.

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