Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Is More Time Consuming That A New Puppy?

A new puppy and an old puppy that has been bit by a snake. Duke is home and his snout is almost back to normal. We will have a hard time keeping him quiet for the next 5 days as required by his vet. This morning he decided I and Little Sally Pumpkinhead were having too much fun playing together and joined in. He grabbed the squeaky toy Little Sally Pumpkinhead was chasing and walked around with it in his mouth chomping and making it repeatedly squeak. Little Sally Pumpkinhead loved this new game and so did Duke as his tale was wagging the whole time.

Below is a photo of Duke showing his nose yesterday afternoon. If you look closely you can see that it is still swollen. If you look more closely you can see the magic marker lines the Vet drew on his face to outline the edge of the snake bit reaction when he first saw Duke. If you look even more closely you can see that there is a mark between his eyes which shows how far the swelling extended up his face before the meds kicked in. Remember those books for children which had distorted photos of puppies in them that made their snouts look huge and way out of proportion to the rest of their bodies? Well that is how Duke looked for awhile. Although he looks almost normal he is still sick, moving slowly and mostly sleeping. By the end of five days I know he will be back to his old self and we will have a hard time containing him.

Oh, when I went to pick up Duke the vet tech told me he had been a sweetheart. I smiled because Duke is always a sweetheart and makes friends wherever he goes.

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