Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog Maintenance

As you have noticed I have switched to a new commenting system called ECHO. I got Eco because HaloScan is passing on, will cease to be, will expire and go to meet it's maker, will be a stiff and be bereft of life, will soon rest in peace, will be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolic processes will soon be history, it will soon be off the twig, will soon to kick the bucket, will soon shuffle off its mortal coil. Its curtain is ringing down and it will soon join the bleedin' choir invisible! In short, it will soon be no more.*

I have found out that with this new system some people cannot leave comments on my blog. Hopefully this is a problem that ECHO is working on but until then if you cannot leave a comment e-mail it to me at my gmail account ( and I will copy it over to my blog. I know this is a pain but I do appreciate your comments and would miss them greatly.

*Plus HaloScan recommended them and told me I would lose all my comments if did not switch soon (OK, its true, I panicked.)so I did what they suggested.

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