Thursday, January 14, 2010

FYI- I Won A Major Award!*

I won a t-shirt this week in the Basket of Kisses Mad Men rhyming couplet contest. This is my wining entry:

A woman lives in Ossining , she’s feeling so morose,
Her husband works in Gotham town, she knows he’s just a ghost.

I also sent in these three:

“What do women want?”, Don Draper asks, he does not know at all
“The answer’s found,” Bert Cooper thinks, “up on my office wall.”

A man is falling through the air, his anguish gone at last
Is he trying to kill himself or kill his fear-fueled past?

Joan and Peggy want success, both have magic coins
Peggy’s coin is her quick brain; Joanie’s coin, her loins

* A Christmas Story House

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