Monday, March 08, 2010


And it's feels so good
-Peaches and Herb

I see I haven't posted since last Tuesday and part of the reason was a major migraine that knocked me out for almost three days. The other reason is I have been on an Internet hunt for information about my grandparents. If you think the Internet is a black hole of time try genealogy research. I have found census reports, WWI and WWII draft cards, cemetery listings, phone books, and death records that contain my ancestors. I have looked at old high school yearbooks, Civil War records, military pension records, lunatic asylum records, and prison records but so far I haven't found anyone related to me yet.

I did find, a great-uncle I never heard of before who died at age forty-four way before I was born, the second husband of my aunt who's name I had forgotten until I saw it again, the real name of an uncle who I only knew as "Uncle Danny", and the reason why I remember my great-aunt's husband as being very old but nice when I was about three years old- he was, she married for the first time in her forties and he was more than ten years older than her.

So, I will probably be missing in action for most of the week as I get drawn deeper into the hunt for my long-lost relatives. I actually went missing while writing this post when I went to check a fact I had mentioned in the above paragraph. Fifty-three minutes later I remembered I had been writing this post and came back to finish it.

Which I have now.

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