Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'll Be Gone The Rest Of The Week

We started the kitchen remodel by taking down the drop ceiling. That big square open area in the second photo is where a big chuck of the old plaster ceiling fell a few months ago. It has been cleaned up and squared so that a piece of sheet rock can be put there.

The next two photos show the before and after in the hallway. You can see the line where the drop ceiling used to hang clearly in the second photo. We are going from a 7 foot ceiling to a 9 1/2 foot ceiling. Just getting rid of that drop ceiling makes the kitchen feel bigger.

They also ran an electrical line for the new dishwasher and rerouted the lights. I should have taken a photo of how the light fixture in the hallway was connected to the original kitchen light fixture (which was to the right and in front of that upper cabinet) by an electrical cable that hung down between the old junction box and the "new" junction box for the "new" (aka- the one we just took out) light fixture . That big old fluorescent light box was rigged the same way. You can hide a multitude of electrical sins with a drop ceiling.

Be back Monday.

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