Monday, January 31, 2011


a wool made from the fur of the Kashmir goat.

A few years ago my sister gave me two of her old cashmere sweaters. I had never wore cashmere before and could not believe how comfy warm it was once I put one on. Not long after that I brought two cashmere sweaters on sale at Loehmann's. About two month ago when I was up at my father-in-law's house I found Little Sally Pumpkinhead having a great time playing with one of my cashmere sweaters (She pulled it out of my open suitcase.). By the time I got it away from her she had punched a couple of holes through the shoulder. I used that mishap as an excuse to buy two more cashmere sweaters. Now I owned four six sweaters, even though I only wore three five of them since one of the two I got from my sister was not a good color on me. Then one cold night while getting ready for bed I happened to glance at the sweater I never wore and thought, "Why don't I wear it to bed?"

Let me tell you sleeping in cashmere is wonderful. As I pointed out before, it is warm and comfy but it is also gentle in a way cotton can never be. Cashmere gives when you move around and never binds you the way cotton pajamas can and it never catches on the sheets the way flannel pajamas can. When I win the lottery this will be one of the first things I buy.

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