Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sea Hunt

By this time, my lungs were aching for air.
-Lloyd Bridges

Sea Hunt was another one of those syndicated programs that I watched as a child. In fact, a lot of the programs I watched as a child were syndicated programs. I am sure this was because syndicated shows cost much less than network shows. Remember, this was back when Denver only had five television channels; ABC, NBC, CBS, NET (National Educational Television, predecessor of PBS), and KWGN, an independent channel. As an independent station KWGN had a lot of air time to fill using a smaller budget than the network channels.  Syndicated shows or repeats of syndicated shows were the only way to go.

Sea Hunt starred Lloyd Bridges as professional SCUBA diver Mike Nelson. Mike did savage work, rescue work, and hunted down criminals. He also dived alone which is a major no-no in the skin diving world but, hey, as we all know the rules don't apply to television heroes.

Lloyd Bridges is as some of you know the father of actors Jeff and Beau Bridges and one of the perks of being the sons of an actor with a hit show is that you get to be in the show yourself. In this episode 9 year old Jeff Bridges plays a young boy who has to be rescued by Mike Nelson after he and his sister become trapped in an underwater cave. In another bit of nepotism Lloyd Bridges' wife and Jeff's mother plays the part of the children's mother. Fair warning, this is a download so there will be commercials.

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