Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Slammer Time

Little Sally Pumpkinhead was in Tiny Bear On Crack mode last night. She was trying to kill all her toys, bluff charged and barked at Duke several time in an effort to get him to play, climbed on the furniture, daring me to tell her to get down, and grabbed pillows off the couches and then raced around the house with them. I finally did the only thing that calms her down when she gets like this- I brought her car crate inside and set it on the floor in the living room. She eyed it balefully and then quickly went and laid down on her bed. Instant peace....for about 30 seconds.

I went in the kitchen to load the dishwasher and when I got back she had pulled the mat out of the crate and was frantically trying to kill it by furiously whipping it around. When she saw me she dropped the mat and ran over and got in her bed. I put both the mat and her in the crate and shut the door. She laid down and stared at me with a "how could you do this to me" look in her eyes. When I glanced her way a few minutes later she had curled herself in a ball and was lying there with her eyes open watching me. I figured all she need was a short time out so I went over and let her out of her crate. She looked at me and then trotted to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

While she was getting a drink of water I went into the bedroom to change into my pajamas and when I walked back into the living room Little Sally Pumpkinhead was standing in the middle of  it with the crate mat in her mouth whipping it around even faster that before. When she saw me she dropped the mat and ran over to her bed but Duke was already there so she stood with her back paws on the bed and stared at me. Just to see what she would do, I asked her where she was suppose to be. She hesitated and then sat down on top of Duke. I laughed and called her to me. She came and I sat on the floor and let her climb into my lap. Sometimes when she get like this she is overtired and just needs to be cuddled. This was one of those times and as I petted her and scratched her ears I felt her body relax and she dropped off to sleep. Finally, the doggie storm was over and all was calm.

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