Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Things I Truly Believed Were True When I Was Younger (Part 2)

There is no truth.  There is only perception. 
-Gustave Flaubert

I got some interesting replies in Part 1 of this subject and see now that I need to explain what the post was about a bit clearer.  The Things I Truly Believed Were True When I Was Younger post is about my learning that there are no absolute truths in life.   Every item on the list is something I believed to be the unalterable truth.  Believing eight of them caused me almost unbearable pain, and/or sorrow at some point in my life. My belief did not match reality and reality is that there are no absolute truths in life.  Here is the list again but with each item qualified:

1. Up is up and down is down...except in outer space.

2. Life is hard...except when it isn't.

3. Love will keep us together...except when it doesn't.

4. All parents love and protect their children...except when they don't.

5. Bad things only happen to bad people...except when it happens to good people.

6. Lots of money will make a unbearable job bearable...except when it doesn't.

7. All bosses will treat you fairly...except when some don't.

8. If you work hard enough you can overcome anything...except when you can not.

9. All people are basically good...except when they are not.

10. The sun rises every morning and sets every night...except when you live at a latitude above 66.5 degrees North.

Opens up the world in ways you didn't imagine, doesn't it?


ally bean said...

Loved this post the first time and love it even more now. 

I've been tripped up by #8 and #9 more times than I can count.  

I'd do this idea on my blog, but I don't know that I'd say anything different than you did.

Blue Witch said...

I've learnt that reality can only ever be reality from one's own perspective. Hence my original comment.