Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doggie Update

One more week to go and then we can let Little Sally Pumpkinhead outside by herself and take down the doggie pen that has been sitting in the middle of my dining area for the last seven weeks. She is so full of energy it is hard to keep her in some semblance of calmness and quiet. Part of me knows this good as it means she is almost completely healed but it feels like we have been living on a cliff with no fence between us and the edge with a dog who is determined to jump off.

If being the catcher in the rye hasn't been stressful enough, the other day Little Sally Pumpkinhead ate a 12 inch length of dental floss. That got her half a can of tuna, two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and a ten minute walk around the yard. After she vomited my husband the engineer took an old toothbrush and drug it through the soft pile of goo until he found the floss. He wanted to make sure she no longer had the floss in her stomach before he cleaned the mess up. That I understood but not his need to squat over the vomit holding the floss up and examining it as if it was the holy grail.



Kay Dennison said...

Poor Sally!!!!  I hope she mends quickly.  And, of course, you know that ALL men still retain the love of grossing girls out from childhood.  Being a tomboy type, I'd grab the offending item and throw it at them. Ohhhhhhhhhh did the get mad!!!! 

la peregrina said...

I hadn't thought it may have been a "boy" thing. LOL