Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Joys Of Parenthood

My sister got this text last Saturday night from my 21 year old niece:

"I'm at Shotgun Willies (Strip Club). Happy Easter Mom."

My sister texted back:

"Me too! Look behind you."

It seems my niece and three of her friends have always wondered what went on inside Shotgun Willies and decided to give it a visit. They took a cab and the driver teased them as the spent their time in his vehicle discussing whether or not the new Smurfs movie was going to be any good. Once they got inside Willies they were so obviously out of place that one of the women on the stage leaned down to them and said, "You girls are so endearingly awkward."

That statement makes me proud. My niece and her friends were raise by parents who taught them to be open and accepting of other people and I think those ladies up on the stage could tell that by the way that they behaved while they were there.  Today, these four girls are my heroes.


ally bean said...

Great story.  

Smurfs and a strip club.  Congratulations, you get my award for "the most unexpected two topics in one post."   

la pergrina said...

Those would make two good tags. ;)

ally bean said...

Yes, they would.