Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Look At The Numbers

According to Harper's Magazine:

-Last month's earthquake in Japan moved the island country eight feet to the east.
-The amount of energy released by the quake was equal to the amount of energy used by the United States each year.

-The Department of Defense spent 317 million dollars on military bands.

-Two out of every five US millionaires do not feel wealthy.
-But if each one of those "do not feel wealthy" millionaires had at least 7.5 million dollars, well, then, they say, they would probably feel wealthy.

-Twenty-two thousand man-made objects are circling the earth right now.

-Increase in US labor productivity since 1972 is 114%.
-Wages for those workers has dropped 6%.

-According to leaked diplomatic cables, the amount of oil Saudi Arabia has could be overestimated by 72%.

-In 2010 there were 10 confirmed Muslim terrorist plots against the United States.
-During that same time period there were 25 confirmed terrorist plots by non-Muslims.


ally bean said...

To feel wealthy [and presumably safe] I need to have 7.5 million dollars?  Really?!
I must be a pushover because I'd feel wealthy at a mere 7 million!  Clearly there's something wrong with my thinking.

la peregrina said...

Yes there is, I only need 5 million to make me feel safe. ;)