Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Aluminum Overcast In The Air (part 3)

Rack of bombs with names written on them. I forgot to ask who and why those names were on them.

This is the crew chief standing right under the top gun turret.

Radio room. Once of my favorite photos as in the lower left corner you can see the smart phone someone sitting in the radio operator's seat was holding. Hello, past, meet the future.

On return to the airport I ended up in a seat across from the door in the rear of the aircraft. The seat belt latched across it puzzled me since it was used to bar anyone from entering the aircraft when the door was open on the ground. Then I realized it was latched to keep it from being thrown around if the air got too bumpy.


ally bean said...

It all looks so very ancient, doesn't it?  Like an exhibit in a museum.  Yet there you were, flying along in it.  Flip city.

la peregrina said...

You are right, ally, it is a flying museum and I consider myself very lucky to get the change to fly in it. 

Nic said...

Yes, that smart phone and radio shot is an excellent one.

la peregrina said...

It made my heart dance when I took it. :)