Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big Blue Box

This last photo I took from the restaurant, The Prefect Landing*, at the airport. Notice anything in the far background? Yep, a new IKEA store. I know because the word IKEA is written in gigantic letters across the front of the store. See that sign atop the very tall pole to the left of the store? Well that thing stands 92 feet above the ground and each of its four sides is 52 feet long. The sign is so huge people complained about it when it first went up. I think they were complaining about the wrong thing. What about the size of the store? This photo was taken from 4 miles away!!!

I cannot wait for it to open.

* If you are ever visiting Denver try not to miss this restaurant, the food is excellent. After my meal I asked the waitress to tell the chef his food was a joy to eat.


Kay Dennison said...

Yikes!  Are Denverites that hung up on Ikea?  If so, why? 

ally bean said...

<p>I'm not a fan of Ikea, but apparently people in Denver are.  Look at the size of that building.  It is going to take forever to find anything in there.  Good place to go for a walk, I suppose.

la peregrina said...

Denverites are shopping fools.  Always have been.

la peregrina said...

I think a large portion of it is merchandise storage plus (according to the website):

• presents 47 inspirational room settings
• has approximately 1,500 parking spaces
• has 3 complete model home interiors
• contains a supervised children’s play area
• has a 500-seat restaurant serving Swedish specialties

I've changed my mind, I'll wait a few months before I go in.

Nic said...

Ikea can be great but, over here at least, you need to know when the quiet times are (or like queues) as queuing is part of the Ikea experience (and presumablt what keeps their prices down).  I'll be interested to see how you like your new mega-Ikea.

la peregrina said...

I had forgotten all that,  I've been to an IKEA in The Netherlands but I am sure it wasn't mega size.

Oh, btw, this IKEA will pull in people from neighboring states and some Latin American countries.  Denver is a big retail destination for folks in those states and countries.  Skiing also brings in a lot of people who stay and shop before heading home.