Tuesday, September 06, 2011

September Days Are Here

With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer.

-Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885)

Lets see...Labor Day has passed, the nights are cooler, and the kids are back at school. The sun is getting out of bed after I do instead of before me as it had been doing most of Summer and when it finally does decide to get up it rises in a more northerly spot just behind my Ornamental Pear tree instead of the Red Maple. This change along tells me Summer is fading fast.

This brings me to my unplanned Summer blog break. I found other things more interesting than writing, although I did somewhat keep up with my facebook page, leaving a comment now and then, but my writing muse seems to have taken the Summer off. Instead I worked in the yard early mornings, kept out of the heat at much as possible, read nine books (see Book Room list on blog sidebar) , and watched most or all of the episodes of Weeds, Kings, and Deadwood that are available on Netflix.

I also received the information I was looking for from the Illinois State Archive about my grandfather's family. The people who I thought were my great-grandparents are my great-grandparents and lived in both Illinois and Arkansas. I also found out my great-grandfather had three other children besides my grandfather and, after searching ancestry.com, that I have distant cousins living in Illinois. Sill, some gaps in my paternal family history which may only be filled in by going to Illinois and Arkansas and searching local records in each state. Looks like a road trip may be in my near future.

Summer's ending and, hopefully, so is my unplanned blog hiatus. It's time to catch-up with other bloggers and get back into the rhythm of writing everyday. Now that Summer is ending it should be easier.


Kay Dennison said...

Welcome back!!!!  I have missed you!!!!

la peregrina said...

Good to be back, Kay,  :)