Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Things You Will Do If You Wear Glasses

1. Forget you are wearing them and knock them off your face while pulling a garment down over your head.

2. Forget you are wearing them and knock them off your face while pulling a garment up over your face.

3. Set them down somewhere so you don't knock them off your face while pulling a garment over you head and then not be able to find them.

4. Set them down on your bed stand, dining room table, coffee table, or kitchen counter and then search frantically all over the house looking for them because you forgot where you left them.

 5. Knock them off your bed stand.

6. Knock them off your dining room table.

7. Knock them off your coffee table.

8. Knock them off the kitchen counter.

9. Carefully clean them and then have a smudge mysteriously appear right in you line of sight within 30 seconds after putting them on.

10.  Wear them into the shower at least once.


Maura said...

LOL, I think I did them all last week!

Ally Bean said...

I'm adding #11.  Put them down on a counter that has the same colors in it as your frames... and then, because you are very nearsighted, be unable to find them on the counter because they blend in.

I do this all the time.  It's the only bad thing I've found about granite counters in the kitchen!

la peregrina said...

Me, too. :-D

la peregrina said...

Me, too. :)

Hawk said...

Too Funny! I Love your blog, Miss La Peregrina. Have followed it since 2005.

Harriet said...

A #12 - push them up onto your head so you can look at something closely and then spend half an hour looking for them because you forgot they were up there (my dad used to do this all the time - ending up asking everyone, "have you seen my glasses?")

OH and have you ever jammed your finger into the glass trying to scratch your eye, or poked your eye when you attempt to push up your glasses when you aren't wearing them...

Blue Witch said...

10a.  Open the shower door a smidge to put them outside, so you don't have to turn off the water, but also don't flood the place as you open the door.  Forget they're on the floor outside and stand on them as you get out.

Oh, that's just me then?  Doh.

I've just noticed that it's your 10 year Santiago pilgrimage anniversary soon.  Are there going to be recollections?

la peregrina said...

Why thank you, Hawk, for both liking my blog and being around for such a long time reading it.  :)

la peregrina said...

Harriet, #12 is such a TV situation comedy cliche I decided not to list it but, yes, I have done that one, too. :)  

Oh, and two affirmatives for numbers 12a and 12b but I'm not sure which one makes me feel the more foolish.  

la peregrina said...

I think that one may be just you as I have a shower/tub and put mine on the the tub ledge.  I will admit to laying them on the floor while looking for cactus quills in my dogs paws once and then almost stepping on them as I  got back up because I forget I had left them on the floor.

As for the 10 year anniversary, I guess I will have to do a post on it.
(Yikes! I just looked at the calender, it's closer than I think.)