Monday, October 17, 2011


I hate facebookfacebook's not for me
The drastic changes they have make is why it's not, you see
But I fool  facebook,  I'm there less frequently
A detriment to facebook,  less data mined from me


Ally Bean said...

FB is a system that is set up to create guilt and engender insincerity while pretending to be something necessary for the user.  I deleted my FB account a couple of years ago.  I am free from their shenanigans and miss nothing about it... including the manipulative people who seem to flock to it.   

I now use G+.  It simplier, saner-- and quieter.  Circles rock.  

Blue Witch said...

I've never been sucked in (I could see the writing on the wall from the outset), so je ne regrete rien.

Glad others are seeing hte light :)

(sorry to seem so smug...)

la peregrina said...

I've been invited to G+, I better look into it.

la peregrina said...

Not smug, just right. :)