Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Blame Game!

Herman, Herman, bo Berman
Bonana fanna fo, Ferman
Fee fi mo, Merman, Herman!

Come on everybody!
I say, now let's play a game
I betcha I can always find, someone else to blame!

Media, Media, bo Bedia,
Bonana fanna fo Fedia
Fee fi mo, Edia, Media!

Everybody do Anger!
Anger, Anger, bo Banger
Bonana fanna fo, Fanger
Fee fi mo, Manger, Anger!

Memory, Memory, bo Bemory
Bonana fanna fo, Femory
Fee fi mo, Emory, Memory!

Pretty good, let's do, the Women!
Women, Women, bo Bomen
Bonana fanna fo, Fomen
Fee fi mo, Momen, Women!

Talk Shows!
Talk shows, Talk shows, bo Balk Shows
Bonana fanna fo, Falk Shows
Fe fi mo, Mock Shows, Talk Shows!

Very good, let's do Lies!
Lies, Lies, bo, Bies
Bonana fanna fo, Fies
Fe fi mo, Mies, Lies!

A little trick with Rick!
Perry, Perry, bo Berry
Bonana fanna fo, Ferry
Fe fi mo, Merry, Perry!

The blame game!


Ally Bean said...

Spiffy!   :)

Darlene said...

Fun and games.  We may as well enjoy the humor; there is so much of it now.