Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sparkle, Shirley, Sparkle! (part 2)

One month after the release of Stand Up And Cheer Paramount Pictures released Little Miss Marker(1934), which was based on the Damon Runyon short story of the same name. Shirley has a bigger role in this movie than she did in Stand Up And Cheer and her billing had jumped from seventh to fourth. As I said before this is my favorite Shirley Temple movie with the five or six-year-old playing a little girl who becomes cynical and "tough" after hanging around Broadway gamblers and gangsters . Below is the only song Shirley sings in the movie, Laugh You Son Of A Gun. The woman singing with her is nineteen-year-old Dorothy Dell. Dell was scheduled to star in another movie with Shirley Temple right after this one (Now And Forever, 1934) but was killed in a car accident a few days after Little Miss Marker reached the theaters.

Laugh You Son Of A Gun from Little Miss Marker (1934)


Ally Bean said...

I remember this very clearly.  Cuteness without being cloying like some of Shirley's musical numbers.  Fun to see again. 

la peregrina said...

True, on all accounts. :)