Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sparkle, Shirley, Sparkle! (part 4)

In July of 1935 when Shirley Temple was seven Fox released Curly Top. She was truly a star by now and the movie reflected this fact by including lots of close-up of her face including the opening scene where the camera stays on her face for over a minute. I find this interesting as by now the naturalness of Shirley's movie style is starting to disappear. It seems her mother mapped out every move her daughter made; how to walk, talk, sit, run, how to say her lines, and what facial expressions to use. This explains why she uses a frowny face so much in this movie, someone must have found it adorable. Even with interference from her mother Shirley's natural cuteness and charm cannot be repressed and still shines though. This film introduced the other song most closely identified with Shirley, Animal Crackers In My Soup.

Animal Crackers In My Soup from Curly Top (1935)


Ally Bean said...

I had this song on a 45.  Loved it.  "... lions and tigers loop-de-loop..." 

Ally Bean said...

Watching this video I realize that I have the wrong lyrics.  Could of sworn that lions and tigers were loop-de-looping!  Oh well, that's how I remember it.  

la peregrina said...


Judy- "Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!"

Shirley- "Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop."

Ally Bean said...

lol.  You're so right.  I mixed-up my girls singing songs about animals.  Of course, if asked I would know that Shirley loop-de-loop'ed while Judy oh-my'ed.  But as for specific animals, not so clear.