Saturday, February 04, 2012

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Woke-up this morning to find that the not-as-big-as-expected snowstorm left behind only 2 to 4 inches of snow, no wind, and a faultless clear blue sky. It was such a beautiful morning my husband and I took the dogs down to the river. When we turned down the lane that led to the parking area we were amazed to see hundreds of turkeys assembled in the middle of the field behind the the small horse stable to the right of the trail. When we got out of the truck the dogs ran over to check on the turkeys. They both know they cannot catch turkeys but the turkeys did not and started evacuating the area. The whirling noise created by hundreds of turkey wings flapping at the same time but out of sync with each other surprised me. I don't know what I thought hundreds of turkeys taking off sounded like but I never imagined it would be almost the same whirling sound made by a wind-up toy.

The land we were walking on had been so thoroughly transformed by snowfall my husband decided to run back to the house and get my camera. Below are 5 of the photos I took. In the first photo all that churned up snow was created by turkeys walking over it and the dogs are checking out the smells those turkeys left behind. I don't know who enjoyed our walk the most; the dogs, my husband or me.


Colleen said...

Beautiful photos!
We often have a few turkeys but never that many!

Blue Witch said...

Just for once, we've got more than you!

la peregrina said...

You sure as heck did!