Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wild Kingdom

Look what we found on our morning walk last week:

It's a coyote den, front and back entrance. That mount of dirt is right behind the back entrance.  Here is what it looks like inside:

Front entrance showing how the den goes down and then curves for safety.  You can see sunlight streaming in from the back entrance in the middle of the photo.

Back view.  I put my camera farther down in the hole in this shot and  I think the flash from the camera blocked the sunlight from the opening at the other end.  The dogs were the ones who found this den and approached it very cautiously.  Both put the snouts down the hole but quickly lost interest in it. Because of the  freshness of the dirt in the pile behind the back entrence we think this den is being used.  Coyotes are timid and do not like being around humans and dogs and whoever lives in this one may have taken off when he/she heard us approaching.  We stumble across old dens all the time but this is the first one we found that looks as if it is still being used. Way cool.

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