Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There May Be Hope For Kansas After All

This is Josef Miles. Last Saturday he and his mother were at Washburn University* in Topeka, Kansas when he came across members of the Westbro Baptist Church (A family based cult not affiliated in anyway with any other Baptist organizations) spreading their messages of hate. The leader of WBC's believes that God hates homosexuals and, therefore, any organizations or schools that "supports" homosexuality is also evil. Young Josef decided to make his own sign and wrote the words God Hates No One on a piece of paper and then held it up for all to see. Way to go, Josef.

Topeka Capital-Journal   article.

BTW-If members of the Westbro Baptist Church hate homosexuals so much why do they act like such a-holes?

(* If you follow the link to Wikipedia's entry about Washburn University do not follow the link to Washburn's website. I did and it crashed my computer.)

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